aims at presenting useful information for the planted aquarium society. Among other things, I hope you will find valuable  information on how to win the eternal combat with algae and why CO2 injection is sometimes necessary in planted aquaria. All photos on this site are copyright protected. I would most likely be flattered if you wanted to use some of this information elsewhere but I would highly appreciate an acknowledgement by referring to Ole Pedersen,

Enjoy the inspiring photos of shrimps (Amano shrimps; Caridina, Cherry shrimps; Neocaridina and fan shrimps; Atya), plants (Pogostemon, Hemianthus, Ludwigia, Microsorum and Cryptocoryne) and fishes replica watches (Siamese algal-eater; Crossocheilus and Otocinclus) plus the slideshows from NEC, Vivarium and Heimtiermesse.

Ole Pedersen

Iwagumi aquascape (c) Ole Pedersen

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